Just some of the feedback from our Tennis Tykes..

  • "Truly fantastic and superb. All three of us loved the lesson in every aspect!! ... Congratulations for the great job you are doing,"
  • "I'd just like to express my sincere thanks for the sessions you held in school today. The children thoroughly enjoyed their lessons and it was a fantastic taster to tennis. Thank you once again, I hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did. "
    Emma Kitwood (Reception class teacher) - Starbeck Primary School, Harrogate
  • "We have been really impressed with how Thomas’ (aged 3) co-ordination skills have developed so quickly through the classes"
  • "I can’t quite believe that following the Tennis Tykes classes, Millie (aged 3.5) is able to engage in simple hitting rallies over the net... I wish Tennis Tykes had been around when her older brother was 3"
  • "Your sessions are great, in an ideal world we would run a Tennis Tykes session every week at this nursery"
  • "Toby gets so excited coming to the Tennis Tykes lessons, he talks about them constantly all week and can't wait until the next lesson"
  • "I would really like to book onto the sessions, my daughter really enjoyed the taster class last week"
  • "I had to wash the Tennis Tykes t shirt a number of times this week as my daughter wanted to wear it every day!"
  • "All the parents at our nursery open day have been saying how great the tennis has been and how much their children enjoyed it"
  • "I found our 'taster' lesson really well run and informative and Harriet had a great time"
  • "I would thoroughly recommend Tennis Tykes and would like to sign my daughter up"
  • "Your sessions are really well run and I would recommend them to anyone"
  • "I have been very impressed with the Tennis Tykes classes run at the Belmont Grosvenor School, Harrogate (BGS). In the early years department we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Tennis Tykes programme has proved very impressive in meeting a large number of these development goals. While having fun, I have observed how the programme increases confidence, significantly improves their all round personal, social and emotional development, their language, literacy, problem solving and numeracy skills as well as achieve so much with their physical development. I would recommend the programme to anyone."

    Mrs Ann Regan
    Pre Reception Coordinator
    Grosvenor School
  • "Emma is just amazing with the children, as well as excellent organisational and tennis teaching skills, The routine is superb and he responds so well to Emma and fantastic how Edward has come on in terms of tennis and discipline and confidence. Thank you and a special thanks to Emma."
  • "Evie has been coming to Tennis Tykes for 2 years now and she loves the classes which have also really developed her co-ordination and confidence."
  • "You really are running an excellent class! My 2 yr old can hit the ball over the net!!!"
  • "Sue’s experience & communication with the children is fantastic. Every lesson is always enjoyable & fun for all of us, not just the children!"

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